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The Teamsters Union is internationally recognized as an organizing union—in 2008 we organized over 43,000 workers. Teamsters Local 618 is a progressive Local Union always on the leading edge of representing it's members. Local 618 was at the forefront of hosting a website in the late 1980's while most Local Unions did not. We like to put our members first! You to can become a member of the greatest Union there is the Teamsters! Be proud to be a part of such a diverse group of people who believe in getting treated fairly by there employer. With a Teamster contract you will be able to have a voice in your workplace. In Unity there is strength.

Teamsters Local 618 was chartered into the Teamsters in 1938 and have been servicing it's members for over 75 years. Teamsters Local 618 is a progressive Local which covers a wide range of industries including Freight Carriers, Auto Dealerships, Tank Haulers, Flight Attendants, Airline Pilots, Airline Fuelers, Rent-a-Car Services, Part Houses, Dial Corporation, Parking Garages, Towing Companies, Service Stations, Chemical Companies, Tire & Rubber Industries and many others. Local 618 can help you explain the benefits of Union membership to your fellow employees and assist in planning a organizing drive. Teamster contracts are the best in the Labor Movement. We have earned our reputation for bargaining hard and demanding the best protection and wages. For more than a century, Teamsters solidarity has kept corporate America from holding the cards and calling the shots.

We are the Teamsters ! We are 1.4 million strong and our membership is growing. Join us and become a member of the worlds strongest Union. Remember we win we stand as one. If you are interested in becoming a Teamster please contact Teamsters Local 618 to start the process of becoming a member. You can call anytime at (314)426-4618.

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