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Posted On: Jan 21, 2011


At some point during our campaign to win a union, the employer will talk about how voting for the union equals going on strike. Why? Because the employer wants to distract us from the real issues of winning better wages, benefits and working conditions - of winning a better future for ourselves and our families.

It’s a phony issue and employers know it. But that will not stop them from using it as part of their campaign to scare us.

Here are the facts:

  • Better than 97% of all Teamster Contracts are settled without strikes. When working men and women stand organized and united, employers are more likely to come to an agreement without a strike.
  • Last year, hundreds of thousands of union contracts were negotiated in the United States – with very, very few strikes. The Media, like the employers, give big headlines to strikes, but the truth is they very rarely happen.
  • Strikes are used only as a last resort in all contract negotiations. There are lots of ways to persuade and put pressure on employers without striking. Workers most often achieve very successful results without ever having even to think about striking.
  • Before any strike can happen, a majority of the workers must vote to strike. If we do not want a strike, there will not be one.
  • Usually, an employer will make every effort to avoid a strike. Strikes hurt employers. Most employers do not want to take the risk that a strike will disrupt production or distribution. Customers may go elsewhere – and perhaps never return. Employers need productive, satisfied workers. Employers want to protect their investment, not put it in jeopardy.

In the very rare situation in which Teamsters decide to strike, they are not alone. They receive support from their Joint Council, The International Union and also the assistance and support from other Unions.

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